Layers and layers and layers.

I finished a commissioned piece that will be hung in a beautiful new Aspen, CO home, and thought it might be nice for my client to get a little insight into the process of building up an encaustic painting.   My paintings can consist of anywhere between 10-20 layers of wax, and sometimes it’s fun to see what’s underneath… First, a base layer of vintage letters printed with encaustic paint are fused to cradled wood panel. A layer of white encaustic paint is applied… IMG_6336 Then, the lines and dots appear…. IMG_6338 …and eventually all of their friends show up. IMG_6341 Here is a detail of the finished piece. IMG_6343 Framed and ready to ship off to Colorado.  Bon Voyage!Willows_1_10x20

4 thoughts on “Layers and layers and layers.

  1. hello Great Artist! I cannot draw a stick figure so I am in awe of artists. I have to say that there is SOMEthing about this piece that really gets my attention….perhaps it’s the layering effect, the circles, the dots, the whitewash effect? I really don’t know but I am moved by it. Kudos to the one who commissioned it and of course, congratulations to you, the artist (and thanks to whoever posted it on Pinterest). 🙂


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