Transformations: Reworking Your Work

I spent the day working on an new piece for the Pajaro Valley Arts Council’s upcoming member show.  The title is “Transformations:  Envisioning Change,” and I decided to rework a few pieces that I have never been happy with as a symbolic gesture of the theme.

I began with an encaustic painting that is about a year old that I have always felt was nice, but that the line work was a little too thick for my aesthetic, “Gossamer 33.”

Gossamer 33

Then I proceeded to chop up two encaustic monoprints that never worked well in their entirety, but had some nice details….


A first layer of wax…


…then fuse, fuse, fuse!


After the prints were embedded into my painting, I began my typical line work, this time in white with bronze highlights.

IMG_6460 IMG_6459 IMG_6462

And voila!   Never be too proud to destroy your own work, I always say.  It’s not done till it’s right!


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