And my brother was going to throw that away…

So, I drive all the way to San Francisco to pick up that special linen that we use to make pinup boards for the office, and we are just going to throw the scraps away?  No way, not me.

I say, cut that linen into petals, dip them in wax.  Lots, and lots of petals.  And lots of wax.  Everywhere.

Then, fuse them to a panel without setting the linen on fire.  Tricky business.

When that’s done, I say we doll them up with some Pan Pastel.  Why not?


Annnnddddd……I love it.   Obsessed with it, actually.  Never want to let it go.  Titled it “Echeveria, after my favorite type of succulent (the only plant I won’t kill.)

If I measured time in however long the HBO miniseries “Mildred Pierce” and half of American Horror Story Season 3 was, then that’s how long this took.  I’ll figure it out someday.


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