THE REGENERATION SHOW – Opening November 2

19_2018-TheRegenerationOf_DaysEnd1 copy

The Regeneration of Day’s End No. 1  |  2014-2018  |  Encaustic Mixed Media on Panel


It is okay to re-work your work .

The Regeneration Show is the most recent result of my efforts to grow as an artist through risk, experimentation, and by building on lessons learned over time.  This particular body of work evolved after my decision last year to rework previously finished paintings. It has been liberating to let go of – and potentially destroy – pieces that seemed complete and precious at one time but later felt amateur, stagnant, and unremarkable to me. In their previous lives, most of them have hung in galleries, some have been part of large exhibitions, and a few were the result of testing a new technique or material and things just never went any farther than that (and I probably would have otherwise thrown away). They are the result of many years of being taught what not to do, while learning to embrace what could be possible if I allowed myself to experiment with different materials, meanings, marks, forms, and failures. It was important to me that hints of their former selves were still visible through the many translucent layers of wax not only because they would simply have more depth and be more visually interesting, but they would also remind me of my own personal progress.