Lots and lots of little red dots.

Never throw away samples of natural stone, fellow artists.  Hoard them.  It’s okay.  Encaustic medium will stick to them.  Really nicely.



I don’t know what these are going to “be” yet, but I do know that I loved making them.  And I know that they need to stay together.  And that I watched four musicals while making them.  Why?  Hell if I know….I was in a mood.

So happy & grateful to be part of this show!

For the last eleven years Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson, Arizona has hosted an annual exhibition devoted to works created from encaustic. This years Encaustic Invitational, Length x Width x Depth was terrific. Miles Conrad always does a great job of finding artists with unique voices, telling unique visual stories and he chooses works that […]

via Length x Width x Depth at Conrad Wilde Gallery — The Artist’s Periscope