Making #13

Just in case there is any interest in how these pieces are put together, here is a glimpse.

I start with a watercolor underpainting, which so far consists of large overlapping dots.  I might stray from this as I get farther down this road, but for now, dots it is.  I coat the underpainting (which is glued to a cradled panel) with 4 fused layers of encaustic medium, then began burnishing strips of a failed attempt at encaustic mono-printing into the wax.  Image

Layers are coated with a protective layer of encaustic medium, and fused.  Image

When I was satisfied with these layers, I decided to kill some brain cells and do some shellac burning on the surface….Image

And as a finishing layer, I carved some lines into the surface using an awl and filled them with R&F oil stick.  Image

The oil stick left on the surface is removed with plain ol’ vegetable oil and hung to dry.  Here are some details of the finished piece.  I’ll post a complete image tomorrow….ImageImageImage